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The provision of cable television services is the result of a state-issued franchise agreement with Mediacom Communications. The franchise agreement is a contract that sets the terms for the provision of cable services, including service standards, public, educational, and government programming requirements, and system requirements.   

While cable rates are often the subject of public discontentment, Federal law prohibits local governments from regulating cable rates, except for the lowest tier of service.  

For questions or other customer service issues with cable television, please contact Mediacom:

You may access the current channel line-ups for Mediacom cable packages through the following link:

Mediacom provides notice of programming changes and rate changes to the City of Galena.  Notices are posted below by year for public inspection.  


2019                                                                                    2019

Rate Adjustments                                                                          November 20, 2019

Channel Discontinuation                                                     June 19, 2019

Annual Customer Service Report                                       April 19, 2019


2018                                                                                    2018

Rate Adjustments                                                                November 28, 2018

Rate Adjustments                                                                July 25, 2018    

Annual Customer Service Report                                              April 18, 2018

Rate Adjustment                                                                 January 25, 2018


2017                                                                                    2017

Rate Adjustments                                                                           November 20, 2017

Channel Discontinuations and Addition                               September 25, 2017

Channel Discontinuation                                                      June 14, 2017

Annual Customer Service Report                                         May 8, 2017

Channel Line-up Changes                                                    February 13, 2017


2016                                                                                     2016

Rate Adjustments                                                                  November 30, 2016

Digital Transport Adapters Price Increase                                 July 22, 2016

Channel Line-up Changes                                                    July 22, 2016

Addition of Foreign Language Channels                              June 16, 2016

Channel moves                                                                     April 8, 2016          

Annual Customer Service Report                                         March 31, 2016

Channel moves and Rate adjustment                                   March 30, 2016                     

Conversion of analog to digital channels                                   February 23, 2016                                                 


2015                                                                                     2015

Channel moves and additions                                              December 28, 2015

Rate adjustments/broadcast and sports surcharges            December 17, 2015

Statement of Franchise Fee Payment                                  October 6, 2015

New Service Launch                                                             April 30, 2015

Channel removal                                                                  April 20, 2015

Annual Customer Service Report                                         April 7, 2015

Channel removal                                                                  March 24, 2015

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