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Archery Deer Hunting Program

The City of Galena has created the Archery Deer Hunting Program in an effort to better control the deer population within the boundaries of the City.  Select City-owned properties have been designated for hunting.  Privately-owned properties are also eligible for the program.  The intent is to give limited control of hunting to the property owners to enable archery hunters to harvest the deer for their use or to provide meat to social agencies—such as the Galena Food Pantry.  

Hunting sites are selected by the city council with an emphasis on matching sites with locations that have high concentrations of deer as identified by counts.  The council considers hunting sites proposed by private property owners who wish to have hunting on their property.  With a goal of thinning the number of deer in the city limits, conditions are in place for the safety of the public and the hunters. Please follow the links below for program information, forms and applications. 

The 2019-20 Galena archery hunting season has ended. Hunting occurred from October 1, 2019 through January 19, 2020. Maps showing the results of the hunting are listed below. Maps showing the annual deer count are also listed below. Hunting activity is tracked at the bottom of this page and is updated each Friday during the hunting season.


Deer Population Count Maps

2018 Galena Deer Count Results Map

2019 Galena Deer Count Results Map

2020 Galena Deer Count Results Map


Archery Deer Hunting Annual Results Maps

2019 Archery Hunting Results Map

2020 Archery Hunting Results Map


Archery Hunting Program Forms and Applications

Archery Hunting Program Authorizing Ordinance

Archery Deer Hunting Program Rules

Archery Deer Hunting Areas Maps (2019-20 Season)

Archery Deer Hunting Property Owner Notification Letter

Landowner Hunting Area Application and Permission Form

Property Owner Consent to Hunt Within 100 Yards Form

Tenant Consent to Hunt Within 100 Yards Form

Galena Archery Deer Hunter Permit Application

Archery Hunter Proficiency Score Sheet


Archery Hunting Program 2019-20 Hunting Activity Tracking

Hunter Call Log (updated January 17, 2020)

Hunter Activity Log (updated January 17, 2020)



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