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Capital Improvement Plan

A capital improvement plan (CIP) is a multi-year schedule of municipal improvements. The Galena Capital Improvement Plan spans a five-year period. The plan sets forth the proposed expenditures for systematically constructing, maintaining, upgrading and replacing the community’s physical plant or infrastructure, and includes vehicles and other mobile equipment.
Capital improvement projects are typically major, infrequent expenditures, such as the construction of a new facility or rehabilitation or major repair of an existing facility. With the relatively small size of our community and budget, this CIP recognizes a project as small as $10,000 as a capital project. Individual projects from the adopted plan should become part of the capital budget for their respective departments. 
In order to be useful as a tool for budgeting and sound financial management, the plan must be updated annually by reviewing existing projects, proposing new projects and extending the program by an additional year. This process should also consider the short term and long-term effects of the expenditures and any associated debt on fund balances and cash flow for operations. The CIP is considered essential for managing and coordinating the efficient expenditure of Galena’s public resources.  View the current Galena CIP through the following link.


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The City of Galena is located in the unglaciated area of Northwest Illinois. Our rolling hills, history, 19th century architecture and opportunities for year round outdoor recreation attract nearly a million visitors a year. Galena is a safe, healthy and vibrant place to raise a family, start a business or enjoy retirement. Click here for a short video about Galena’s unique lifestyle.
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