Demographics - City of Galena


Total Population (2020) 3308
Male Population 48.40%
Female Population 51.60%
Total Households 1632
Average Household Size 2.05
Non-Family Households 736
Family Households 896
Average Family Size 2.71
Total Housing Units 1960
Housing Occupancy 83.30%
Owner Occupied 67.30%
Renter Occupied 32.70%
White 89.70%
Black or African American 0.50%
Hispanic or Latino 8.30%
Asian 0.60%
Pacific Islander 0.00%
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.70%


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The City of Galena
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About Us
The City of Galena is located in the unglaciated area of Northwest Illinois. Our rolling hills, history, 19th century architecture and opportunities for year round outdoor recreation attract nearly a million visitors a year. Galena is a safe, healthy and vibrant place to raise a family, start a business or enjoy retirement. Click here for a short video about Galena’s unique lifestyle.
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