Complete the Lead Service Line Survey

Complete the Lead Service Line Survey


City applying for grant funding to replace all lead water service lines. 

Dear Property Owner,

The City of Galena is undertaking a program to inventory and replace lead service lines that deliver water to homes and businesses from the City’s water distribution system. I am writing because based on the age of your property, a lead service line may be present. Lead service lines could have been installed as late as 1986 when they were banned by the federal government. I request that you complete the enclosed survey to determine if you have a lead service line. The City is applying for grant funding that would cover the full cost of replacing your lead service line.

Lead is a naturally occurring metal that is harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Lead can be found in air, soil, dust, food, and water. Lead can cause a variety of adverse health effects when people are exposed to it.

Please know that Galena drinking water is safe and complies with all federal standards for quality. The City of Galena does not have any lead water mains, but In some instances, there are lead pipes running from the public water main to the house or business. These service lines are owned by the property owner. In compliance with Environmental Protection Agency standards, the City regularly samples water from properties with lead services. All samples collected to date have been free of lead or within the allowable limit for lead content.

The City does not inspect water service pipes for corrosion but does use a corrosion inhibitor treatment to reduce the chance of pipe corrosion and the leaching of lead into the water. 

Inventorying privately-owned water service lines is the first step toward achieving our goal of replacing all lead service lines in Galena. This will be a lengthy process. Please help us work toward our goal by completing the enclosed brief survey about the water service at your property. If you would like assistance inspecting your water service pipes or completing the survey, please call City Hall at 915-777-1050. Completed surveys may be emailed to, mailed to Galena City Hall at 101 Green Street, or dropped off at City Hall. Please return your survey by August 13, 2021.

More information about lead service lines is available on our website at Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Mayor Terry Renner

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