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Open Burn and Yard Waste Collection Dates Set

April 10, 2024

Residents have two options this spring for the disposal of yard waste, open burning and/or free curbside collection.

Open burning is only permitted during the four-day period of May 2-5 (Thursday-Sunday). All burning must carried out in compliance with the following rules:

  1. Only landscape waste produced on the property shall be burned.

  2. Open burning shall be allowed during daylight hours only.

  3. Burning must be supervised at all times.

  4. Burning shall not be allowed on windy days with sustained gusts of 10 miles per hour or more.

  5. If possible, a garden hose should be made available at the burn site.

  6. No burning is allowed on city streets.

  7. No burning shall create a visibility hazard on roadways or railroad tracks.

  8. Care must be taken to locate fires a sufficient distance from buildings, vehicles or other exposures to prevent fire spread.

  9. Violations of the burn policy will result in a citation from the Galena Police Department.

  10. If the burn gets out of control the Galena Fire Department shall be called immediately by dialing 911.

Learn more about about open burning in Galena here: Galena Open Burn.

To provide residents with an alternative to burning, the City is offering free curbside pickup of yard waste every Tuesday in May (May 7, 14, 21, 28). Curbside pickup is by appointment only as described below.  

The following rules apply to the free curbside pickup of yard waste:

  1. Yard waste includes only organic materials, including grass, leaves, plants, brush, sticks and limbs.

  2. Grass, leaves, and plants must be in paper bags.

  3. Sticks and limbs must be cut in lengths of four feet or less and bound with twine, if possible, for easy lifting.

  4. No limbs with a diameter greater than six inches.

  5. Bags and bound sticks and limbs should be set near the street and separate from garbage and recycling containers.

  6. Prior to setting the materials at the street, residents must call City Hall at 815-777-1050 or email to schedule collection by the City crew.

  7. Collection will occur on the Tuesdays of May 7, 14, 21, 28.

  8. The service is being offered at no cost to residents.

As an alternative to burning and curbside pickup, residents may transport their yard waste to the old landfill site on Donegan Street. More information is available here: Landscape Waste Disposal at Old Landfill. Please note that state law prohibits contractors from depositing landscape debris or any other materials at the old landfill site. No garbage, lumber or other materials are accepted at the facility.

Please note that the City no longer offers Yard Waste Tags.    


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