City of Galena

Vacation Rentals

A Vacation Rental is a building, or portion thereof, containing a single dwelling unit or multiple dwelling units which are available to the public on a basis of less than 30 days. Vacation Rentals are only permitted within the City of Galena with an approved special use permit and operating license. The number of licenses that the city can grant has been limited by the City Council. At this time, those available licenses have all been fulfilled. Currently, there is a substantial waitlist for those who would like a license. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, please email City of Galena Zoning Administrator Jonathan Miller at


Zoning Ordinance References

Accommodations, Vacation Rental Definition – See § 154.015

Detailed Land Use Regulations as a Principle Commercial Land Use – See §154.406(D)(18)

Detailed Land Use Regulations as an Accessory Residential Land Use – See §154.406(H)(9)

Guest Accommodations Licensing – See §112

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