City of Galena

Areas of Galena, including the downtown business district, are protected from flooding by an earthen flood levee and steel flood gate system. The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the system under the guidelines of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A rigorous inspection of the entire flood control system is conducted annually by the Army Corps.  

The flood control responsibilities of the Public Works Department include:

  • Maintenance of river banks, the levees, catch basins and storm sewers

  • Mowing approximately 40 acres of the flood protection system adjacent to the Galena River.

  • Maintenance of the steel flood gates on South Main Street that are closed during high water.

  • Maintenance of a powerful pump system that removes groundwater and floodwater from inside the flood control system.


The City of Galena is a member of the National Flood Insurance Program.  As a result, owners of property located within the city limits and in the floodplain are eligible to purchase flood insurance. 

Inquires about the flood control system may be directed to the City Engineer.

Matt Oldenburg
City Engineer
P 815.777.1050





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