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The City of Galena has a glass recycling drop site in the side (Irvine Street) parking lot at Tammy's Piggly Wiggly, 997 Galena Square Drive. Look for the large purple dumpster. We ask the public to please respect the property where the dumpster is located and carefully clean up the area if glass should spill outside of the recycling dumpster. Please know there are no personnel at the drop site and you are responsible for depositing your glass in the dumpster. Glass should be dumped into the dumpster without boxes or bags. It is OK if the glass breaks in the dumpster.

Please note that glass is NOT accepted in the curbside recycling program!


The following items ARE accepted in the purple dumpster at the drop site with no sorting required:

  • All brown, green, blue and clear food and beverage containers

  • Drinking vessels (pint, wine, mason jars)

  • Candle jars (leftover wax is ok)

  • Cosmetic bottles and jars

  • Windows, shower doors, table tops (frames and hardware must be removed)


The following items are NOT accepted at the drop site and will contaminate the recyclable glass:   

  • Garbage/trash bags/plastic bags

  • Televisions/computer monitors

  • Ceramics

  • Milk glass

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Six pack holders

  • Laminated glass (windshields)/leaded glass

  • Mirrors

  • Oven safe glass (Pyrex)/dishware (Corelle)

  • Light bulbs

  • Porcelain/china

  • Windows with frames  


The City of Galena partners with the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency and Ripple Glass for glass recycling. Glass deposited in the Galena glass recycling dumpster is processed into glass cullet by Ripple Glass and turned into new products. For more information about the glass recycling program, please click the links below. 

What Glass Items Can I Recycle?

Glass Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

Ripple Glass Website


Thank you to the Galena Territory Association for donating the recycling dumpster for the glass recycling program and to Tammy's Piggly Wiggly for supplying the property for the recycling dumpster.

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