City of Galena

Historic Preservation Commission

Purpose and Duties

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) carries out the objectives and provisions enumerated in the Galena Historic Preservation Ordinance and reviews and advises the Building Official on site plans and construction proposals in the Historic District.  The HPC also reviews and advises the Building Official on the issuance of certificates of appropriateness of alterations, additions and new construction in the Historic District.  Specific power and duties of the HPC include:

  1. Assist and advise the Building Official, the city council, other city officials and departments and county and state agencies as may be necessary in matters involving the Historic District and sites, structures and improvements therein.

  2. Advise owners of property in the Historic District on methods of preservation as per the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings.

  3. Upon request, review and make recommendations to the Building Official regarding variations and amendments in the Historic District.

  4. Promote the preservation of the historic sites, improvements and structures in the Historic District and make recommendations to the city council on methods to accomplish same.

  5. Assist the Building Official in maintaining an ongoing survey of potential local landmarks and adopt procedures to nominate them.



The Historic Preservation Commission consists of seven members appointed to two-year terms by the mayor with confirmation by the city council.


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