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The City of Galena encourages residents and businesses to maximize their recycling. Every other week curbside recycling is provided to all Galena residences. There is no limit on the amount that may be set at the curb for recycling. All recyclables may be mixed in the rolling container with yellow lid provided to each residence by Montgomery Trucking. Please deposit recyclables directly in the rolling container and not in plastic bags. The plastic bags cause problems for the recycling process.

Please view the printable Recycling Guide to learn how to recycle and what items are recyclable. A fact sheet is also included about refuse collection and yard waste. 

Recycling Guide


Curbside recycling is also available to all businesses by arrangement with Montgomery Trucking at 815.777.0672. More information on the City of Galena curbside recycling program may be accessed here or through the link below.

Please note that glass is no longer a recyclable item for curbside collection. A glass recycling bin is available for public use on the Irvine Street side of Piggly Wiggly. Please be sure to deposit all glass inside the bin and do not leave any glass, boxes or bags outside the bin.


Other Recycling Options

Electronics: Electronics are banned from landfills in Illinois and may not be included in the refuse or recycling containers you set out for collection. The City of Galena offers free recycling of most electronics at City Hall, 101 Green Street, the last Friday of each month from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. View the list of recyclable electronics through the link below. Televisions and computer monitors are accepted at the City Hall drop-off for a fee of $25 per unit.  

Recyclable Electronics Fact Sheet


Batteries:  The City of Galena offers free battery recycling. Most batteries are accepted except vehicle batteries. Containers are stationed at City Hall, 101 Green Street, and the Police Department, 312 North Main Street, for you to drop off your batteries.


Medications:  The City of Galena offers free "recycling" of unused prescription and over the counter medications. Liquid medications are not accepted.  A container is provided at the Police Department, 312 North Main Street, for you to drop off your medications.  All medications received are incinerated under the supervision of law enforcement personnel.  Help us keep medications out of our waste water treatment process and out of our rivers and streams.  


CFL Bulbs:  The City of Galena offers free recycling of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL).  Bulbs may be dropped off at the reception desk at City Hall, 101 Green Street.


Christmas Trees:  The City of Galena offers a free Christmas Tree Recycling program during December and January.  Live trees are collected from temporary bins erected in various locations throughout the community. The trees are recycled into mulch. Trees must be free of all ornaments, tinsel and lights.  Any stands, plastic or bagging material must also be removed.  Trees will not be collected as part of regular weekly curbside pickup.  

Scrap Metal: The City of Galena offers free scrap metal recycling for residents. A dumpster where residents may deposit scrap metal is located at the old city landfill at 1822 Donegan Street. Scrap metals must fit completely inside the dumpster.  


What items are accepted as scrap metal?

  • Bicycles

  • Metal cabinets

  • Metal doors

  • Fencing, chain link and wire (rolled)

  • Metal file cabinets

  • Grills

  • Iron furniture and railings

  • Lawnmowers. To prepare your lawnmower for deposit:

    • Empty mower of all fuel and oil fluids.

    • Remove batteries (if applicable).

  • Metal sheds (must be disassembled)

  • Metal lawn chairs

  • Metal swing sets. To prepare your swing set for deposit:

    • Disassemble the swing set.

    • Remove any concrete from legs.

  • Automotive parts weighing less than 60 pounds: Metal or steel car tire rims only. NO engines, mufflers, hoods, fenders, chassis, tires, etc.

  • Metal items of any size. Examples include:

    • Screws, nails, and other hardware

    • Pots and pans

    • Wire clothes hangers 

    • Other small household metal items


What items are not accepted as scrap metal?

  • Large appliances such as air conditioner, clothes dryers, clothes washers, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, freezers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, stoves, wall ovens

  • Riding lawn mowers


Appliances and metal items not listed above as acceptable may be recycled at T & T Metals, 5158 Barge Terminal Road, East Dubuque. Phone: 815-747-2334.


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