City of Galena

The City of Galena conducts a street sweeping program on an annual basis beginning in April and continuing through November. The months of sweeping may begin early or extend later depending on weather. As part of this program, street sweeping operations are performed Monday-Friday, and typically between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Please note that no parking signs are posted on certain streets to ensure vehicles are not present during street sweeping. The parking regulations are in place all year to facilitate snow plowing and snow removal in the months where sweeping does not occur, and in some cases, efficient garbage and recycling collection. Parking signs on each street should be obeyed at all times to avoid ticketing.

Conducting sweeping operations during the early morning hours allows city crews to sweep high traffic areas during off-peak hours.  All city maintained streets are swept as part of the program, with an emphasis on the high-traffic streets.

The weekly sweeping schedule, weather permitting, is as follows:


  • Downtown

  • Park Avenue

  • Highway 20 Bridge


  • Downtown         

  • Bench Street

  • North Side of Franklin Street


  • Downtown

  • South Side of Franklin Street

  • Ridge Street

  • Irvine Street


  • Downtown

  • Broadway/Dewey Avenue

  • Hill Street

  • Prospect Street

  • Green Street


  • Downtown

  • Highway 20 Corridor

  • All Other Streets on a Rotating Basis 


In addition to improving the overall appearance of our neighborhoods, sweeping city streets on a regular basis plays a key role in maintaining the health of the Galena River and our drinking water aquifer. Removing debris and harmful pollutants normally found on roadways reduces the likelihood of these substances entering storm inlets and ultimately draining into the river.

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