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A boil water notice is issued by the City of Galena Water Department or health agencies as a precaution to protect consumers from drinking water that may have been contaminated with disease causing organisms (also called pathogens). Boil water notices are typically issued when an unexpected condition has caused a potential for biological contamination of water in the public water system. Common reasons for a boil water notice include loss of pressure in the distribution system, loss of disinfection, and other unexpected water quality problems. These often result from other events such as water line breaks, treatment disruptions, power outages and floods.

The reason for your boil water notice should be included in the notification. Your water utility and the Jo Daviess County Health Department office can also answer questions you may have about why a boil water notice was issued for your water supply, and what to do.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about boil orders may be accessed below:

Operating Under a Boil Order

  • What does a boil order mean?
  • How long should I boil my water?
  • Why has the boil order been called?
  • Can I drink the water?
  • Can I wash my hands with this water?
  • Can I shower or take a bath in this water?
  • How do I wash my dishes?
  • Can I wash my clothes in the water?
  • Is it safe to eat in restaurants under a boil order?
  • What do we need to do when the boil order is lifted?
  • Are swimming pools safe?
  • Can my pets drink the water?
  • Is it safe to breast feed during the boil order after bathing in the water?
  • I am on a well. Am I affected?
  • Are vending machines that mix drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) safe?
  • Who can be affected?
  • What are the symptoms of water‐borne illness?
  • What if I drank water already?
  • How long will the boil order remain in effect?
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