City of Galena

Mission and Vision Statement


“In order to maintain and enhance the quality of life and unique historic character of our community the City of Galena provides quality municipal services that protect and promote the public health safety and general welfare. These services are provided with a commitment to excellence, efficiency, equity and fiscal responsibility.”



To achieve our mission, the City of Galena embraces the following vision statement:

Vision Topic Vision Statement
Hard Work
The City of Galena will become a more cohesive community by embracing and promoting the values of hard work, volunteerism, neighborliness and civic involvement. The City will be a leader in welcoming and unifying persons of all ethnic backgrounds, ages and beliefs.
Local Economy
Other Businesses
The City of Galena will diversify its local economy and improve the business environment by retaining existing businesses, actively attracting clean new businesses with good paying jobs, promoting its quality experience and heritage, including the Galena and Mississippi Rivers, and collaborating with Dubuque and other area destinations
Land Use
The City of Galena will preserve its small town image by managing physical growth with sound planning and zoning that emphasizes the preservation of the historic district, in-fill development and the efficient and attractive development of new land. The city will consider annexing land to achieve its vision.
Physical Environment
Natural Resources
Historic Preservation
The City of Galena will be a beautiful place to live and visit by adhering to a high standard of cleanliness, maintaining high quality air, water and soil, protecting our historical and architectural character and protecting and enhancing our natural resources.
Social Issues
Public Safety 
The City of Galena will create an excellent quality of life for persons of all ages and income levels by maintaining public safety, facilitating the creation of adequate housing, supporting and enhancing public transportation, providing quality recreation facilities and collaborating with the schools to enhance educational opportunities.
Local Services
Intergovt. Cooperation
Employee Relations
The City of Galena will be a leader in the community and in the county by employing dedicated professional staff, being responsive to citizens needs, providing high quality public services and facilities, maintaining a strong fiscal position and by seeking opportunities for cooperation with other government bodies.


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