City of Galena

Other Sustainable Initiatives

The City of Galena is committed to becoming more sustainable as a community. The following are some of our other sustainability projects and initiatives.

  • Purchase of green energy to supplement city solar production and achieve 100% green power use for all city operations 

  • Conversion of all City street lights (more than 400) to high-efficiency LED

  • Mandatory recycling at all city facilities

  • Paperless city council and other public meetings 

  • Retrofit of all traffic lights to high efficiency LED

  • Reuse of existing building and high efficiency renovation for 2013 City Hall relocation.   

  • Retrofit of the Police Department and Fire Department lighting to high efficiency T-8 florescent tubes

  • Annual community trash clean-up project (Beautification Month)

  • Dark skies ordinances to reduce light pollution

  • Sustainability oriented Subdivision Ordinance

  • C-PACE financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, electric vehicle charging and resiliency projects

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