City of Galena

Garbage Collection Guidelines

Each residence is provided one 65 gallon garbage roll cart and one 65 gallon recycling roll cart. Carts should be placed for collection at the curb/edge of the street or the end of the driveway nearest the street of each residential unit. Carts should be placed 2-3 feet apart with the lid opening facing the street. Carts should also be placed at least five feet from any obstruction such as a tree or mailbox.  

Garbage and recycling carts must be placed near the street for collection the night before scheduled collection to insure collection. Collection crews often work very early in the morning. Failure to place carts near the street for collection the night before scheduled collection could result in your carts not be emptied. Empty carts must be removed from the street the same day as collection. Empty carts should be stored inside garages, or otherwise out of view from the street where possible. 

Special tags are available if you have more garbage than you can fit in your roll cart. Tags may be purchased at City Hall or by calling Montgomery Trucking at 815.777.0672. Tagged garbage may be placed at the curb in a plastic bag. 

Oversized items such as appliances and furniture are not permitted for normal collection. Arrangements and advance payment must be made directly with Montgomery Trucking at 815.777.0672 for collection of oversized items. 

Electronics are banned from landfills in Illinois and may not be included in the garbage or recycling containers you set out for collection. The City of Galena offers free recycling of most electronics at City Hall, 101 Green Street, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. the last Friday of each month (dates may be changed due to holiday schedules, especially in October, November, and December). Please check the City of Galena calendar to confirm drop-off dates. View the list of recyclable electronics through the link below. Please note that televisions and computer monitors are accepted at the City Hall drop off site for a $25 per unit fee. Please be sure to bring adequate help if needed to unload your electronics.

Recyclable Electronics


Tires, hazardous liquids and landscape materials are banned from landfills and cannot be collected with normal trash.  The City makes available a site for depositing trees and branches downed in storms.  Please call City Hall at 815.777.1050 for more information.

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