City of Galena

Please help keep the park safe and clean by observing the following rules: 

Dogs must be:

 • Leashed at all times until they enter the park

 • Currently licensed

 • Vaccinated in accordance with state and local laws

 • Over four months old

 • Wearing a collar with identification tags


Each owner must:

 • Supervise their dog at all times

 • Carry a leash at all times

 • Have voice control and sight of their dog at all times

 • Remove their dog at first sign of aggression

 • Pick up and properly dispose of dog waste

 • Be liable for any and all injuries caused by their dog

 • Limit three dogs per visit



 • Children under 16 unless accompanied by an adult

 • Pronged, spike or choke collars

 • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, dog toys, treats or food (tennis balls are ok)

 • Aggressive dogs

 • Dogs in heat

 • Digging (please repair all holes)

 • Glass containers

 • Bikes, strollers, or children’s toys

 • Private obedience training and other commercial activities


Contact us

The Galena Dog Park is owned and operated by the City of Galena. Please direct questions, comments, or concerns to Galena City Hall at 815-777-1050 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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