City of Galena

1. Park hours: 8 a.m. until dusk

2. The facility shall only be used when gates are unlocked or when the skate and bike area is not posted as closed.

3. While skating, skateboarding, or biking, the participant may only use those areas designated for these activities.

4. While using the facility, participants must wear head safety equipment. The use of personal safety equipment comprised of knee, wrist, and elbow protection is recommended.

5. No food or drink is allowed inside concreted pad or ramped area of the skate & bike park.

6. No moveable obstacles or materials [i.e. ramps/jumps] are allowed in park.

7. Inspect the premises before use. Snow, ice, wet surfaces, litter, and debris may affect skating conditions.

8. Any damage, hazardous conditions, comments, or suggestions should be reported to the City of Galena at 815-777-1050.

9. No graffiti shall be tolerated at the skate/bike park. If graffiti is found at the park it will be closed until the graffiti is removed and / or repaired.

10. Waxing of skate park surfaces is prohibited.

11. Please close gate after entering park.

12. The City of Galena reserves the right to close the facility at any time for any reason. The City of Galena also reserves the right to ask people to leave the facility and restrict entry to the facility if rules are not

followed and unsafe behavior is observed.

13. Personal Conduct and Behavior:

  • No drugs or alcohol or being under the influence

  • No fighting or other violence

  • No firearms, knives, or other weapons

  • Everyone will be treated with respect and courtesy

  • No smoking or tobacco products

  • Profanity will not be permitted

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