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Mobile Food Truck Mobile Food Truck Accessory Commercial Land Use Regulations

Mobile Food Truck: A motorized vehicle or a towed trailer that is equipped with facilities for cooking, preparing, and selling food.

In accordance with Table 154.403.1 Permitted Land Uses, Mobile Food Trucks shall be permitted by right in Neighborhood Commercial, Planned Commercial, General Commercial, Planned Industrial, Light Industrial, and Heavy Industrial zoned districts. See City of Galena, IL zoning map on the City of Galena website.

The following regulations and requirements for a Mobile Food Truck shall be met in accordance with City of Galena Code of Ordinances Section 154.406 (K)(11):
1) No person shall operate a Mobile Food Truck on a property unless said Mobile Food Trick obtains the proper licensing from the City of Galena.
2) No Mobile Food Trucks shall operate in the downtown district from Meeker St. to Spring St., and from Bench St. to Water St.
3) No Mobile Food Trucks shall be located on any parcel zoned residential, unless approved by the City of Galena as a special event.
4) Mobile Food Trucks shall only operate no more than once per week on any site.
5) Hours of operation shall be limited to between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
6) Portable lights, lights which flash, and similar attention‐getting devices are not permitted.
7) Signs, unless permanently affixed to the mobile food truck, are not permitted.
8) Any power required for a mobile food truck shall be self‐contained and shall not use utilities drawn from public property, unless otherwise approved by the city. Mobile Food Trucks may also use the power form a private service.
9) Mobile Food Trucks shall not provide seating or tables for their customers.
10) Mobile Food Trucks shall provide receptacles for refuse and properly dispose of waste.
11) Mobile Food Trucks must comply with all noise regulations of the City of Galena Code of Ordinances, section 154.710.
12) Outside amplifying equipment or noisemakers shall not be used.
13) Mobile Food Trucks shall be situated on designated locations entirely on the subject property with suitable surfaces as determined by the City of Galena.
14) Off‐street parking spaces shall be provided specifically for the Mobile Food Truck while in service

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