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Lunch Stand: Any temporary set‐up outside of a permanent building for the purpose of serving food and/or liquid refreshments to the general public. 


1. The lunch stand applicant must prove that said lunch stand sales will be offered as part of and at the  location specified for a duly licensed fair, festival, flea market, auction or sporting event, except that on  Boy Scout Weekend and Home Tour Weekend lunch stand licenses may be issued to nonprofit  organizations not affiliated with the event, provided the lunch stand activity is confined to private  property, does not limit public parking and does not impede pedestrian movement. 

2. In case of flea markets, fairs or festivals, application must be made to the City Clerk at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the event.  In case of fundraising events, auctions, or sporting events, application must be made at least three (3) days prior to the event. 

3. The City Clerk or Mayor may request a background check of the applicant by the Police Department before issuing a lunch stand license. 

4. The fee for a lunch stand license shall be $25 per event, for not to exceed three days, and said fee shall be paid at time of application. 

5. The city may deny the lunch stand license based on grounds of: failure to pay taxes, failure to cooperate with authorities; failure to apply within the required time frame; previous suspension or revocation of permits; or other just cause. 

6. Said license shall be posted in a conspicuous location at the lunch stand throughout the duration of the event for which the license was obtained. 

7. Illinois sales tax number is required, and a copy of the Certificate of Registration must accompany this application. 

8. If a fryer with grease, or any other product is used that could stain the public concrete and/or bricks beneath the lunch stand operation, the licensee shall protect the concrete and/or bricks with a tarp, cardboard, and/or plywood.  The licensee is responsible for all clean‐up, including any stains on City of Galena property resulting from the lunch stand operation. 

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